Friday, January 07, 2005

Thought for the Day

From John Stott's daily thought. This, to me is the primary reason so many do not desire to follow Christ, in a nutshell:

We must cast aside apathy, pride, prejudice and sin, and
seek God in scorn of the consequences. Of all these
hindrances to effective search the last two are the hardest
to overcome, intellectual prejudice and moral self-will.
Both are expressions of fear, and fear is the greatest
enemy of the truth. Fear paralyses our search. We know
that to find God and to accept Jesus Christ would be a very
inconvenient experience. It would involve the rethinking
of our whole outlook on life and the readjustment of our
whole manner of life. And it is a combination of
intellectual and moral cowardice which makes us hesitate.
We do not find because we do not seek. We do not seek
because we do not want to find, and we know that the way to
be certain of not finding is not to seek.

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