Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Recipe of a Homeless Churchie

Jamie Oliver has never seen a recipe like ours! Posted by Hello

In the several weeks I have been blogging, I have been carefully avoiding the largest issue in the spiritual life of our family. You see, we Norris family are a somewhat, sad yet hopeful, wandering yet found, happy yet pessimistic, conflicted yet at-peace bunch. We are, as of this writing, without a church home for the first time in our lives together. How can this be, you wonder?

Well, here is the receipt for living at our home: Take two forty-something adults, blend well with more than 16 years of marriage, child rearing, career developing, laughter and tears, and a wonderful church home. To this mixture add one 11 year old vivacious girl, and then spice with a dash of a 14 year-old girl, with a mind of her own (sprinkle in liberally -"adolescent attitude"). Whisk repeatedly with the busyness of life.

To this stock add the profound disappointment of leaving said church home after 17 years. (Reasons for the leaving are best left unsaid, but in the interest of full disclosure, will color the comments I make going forward). This ingredient has the tendency to sour the mix, so counter this with some rum or wine, your choice.

Next begins the chopping and grating portion of the recipe, and our journey, together and apart as a family attempting to follow Christ.
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