Thursday, February 12, 2009

What If It All Falls Apart?

I have been doing some Internet reading recently, and it seems that not all in the world of evangelicalism is bright and sunny. Storm clouds are on the horizon - an ominous change of sorts. Massive climatic change in the happy world of American evangelicals might be underway. Good bye Dr. Dobson, southern mega-churches, and blue-haired people on cable TV. Hello ambiguity.

Everything might be falling apart, and it feels somewhat scary, but at the same time exciting and hopeful. This change could all be very good.

My thinking began to get started after reading this, followed by this, and then this. Seems, if we believe only half of what Michael is writing about, there is some serious change on the horizon. And then, if you want to be further depressed by the future, take a look at this one.

Seems a bleak outlook. I am hopeful. This might drive us Jesus Believers to a much better place, in the long run. Here is something to think about:

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