Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mmm. Deep Dish

When visiting foreign cultures, it is important to try the food of the natives. We like these natives, and their food!

Our Hotel View

The view of the Lincoln Park zoo and Hancock building from our hotel; we are 5 minutes by car (and 20 minutes if you want to walk in this weather) from the DePaul campus.

Famous Kelly line several weeks ago, when discussing DePaul University's location in Chicago: "Wait, Chicago is near water? What?"

So much for high school geography. Our public schools are flawless.

Off for Due's pizza in a while.

Leaving for DePaul

At LAX. Mom dropped us off a bit early.

Fun times, waiting an extra hour for your flight. Note approaching plane outside window. Luckily, it stopped prior to thonking Kelly in the, um, back end.
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