Saturday, September 10, 2005

More on Pastor Mike, receding Water and Hope

We have more information on Canal Street Presbyterian Church, and my old friend, Pastor Mike Hogg. I had a chance to talk with Mike on the phone the other afternoon for about five minutes. He answered me in a whispered voice, and I was immediately concerned he had contracted some form of deadly swamp virus. As it turns out, he was whispering because he was in the library using the internet to return emails.

You can note in the picture to the left, all the dark blue is water (HT to
Mark Roberts). Mike and his family are renting a home in Tucson, where the kids are enrolled for the next school year (for now). Their family is fine, given the circumstances. As for their home, it is feared that much of it is a total loss. You can go here to see estimates of current water levels throughout New Orleans; this technology is remarkable.

Pastor Mike has been interviewed by Christianity Today
here. Mike is a pastor who understands Hope.

You can help the church
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