Saturday, October 29, 2005

Is This a Good Choice?

In about two weeks, my Mom and Dad, now 84 and 85, will be moving here. Moving to a two bedroom unit in a brand new assisted living facility. My wife Nancy and I are comfortable with the values of the facility in which Mom and Dad will be living, and with the Christian concern of the founder of the publicly-traded company that operates the facility. We are thankful that this option exists for Mom and Dad, who need to be living in a supervised setting. Dad forgets a lot these days, after a series of small strokes. Mom needs a walker to get around, after a fall and a broken hip a number of years ago.

However, if I am honest with myself, I will admit that what we are doing is uniquely American. We Americans take our elderly and put them, well, out of the way. Not so, in the
2/3 world. Were we to live in the rest of the world, Mom and Dad would be coming, without choice or question, to live with us, in our home.

This concept is haunting to me. While I am an only child, and attempting to be faithful and caring with my parents, I still ponder these things. As I ponder, I find
this reflection, by Michael Spencer (another only child) to be particularly meaningful, as I attempt to find Jesus in the midst of all this. And as I think about this all, I am also thankful for the older saints I know, and how they contribute to the mosaic of the Kingdom of God here on this planet.

One final thought. Take a look at the opening web page of Saddleback Church. I have a question. Can one be older than 35, and still feel welcome at this church? I am worried....

Again, and Again, and Again, and AGAIN!

Tonight, I ate my dinner, in the car. In the driveway, in the dark. No, I did not get in trouble with my wife. I was glued to the TV set, and then.....the power went out in our neighborhood! Arggg! Out to the car! The UCLA Bruins were in the midst a yet another (count 'em - four this year) come-from-behind win. Behind 24-3 in the fourth quarter, the Gutty Little Bruins did it again, beating Stanford. The UCLA - SC game this year is gonna be a historic event!

In other college football news, one of
my favorite coaches just received a 10 year contract extension. Notre Dame athletic officials know a man of character and determination when they see one; gotta love those Catholics!

And in baseball news, I agree with Hugh Hewitt, is there any other choice for the Dodgers but
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