Saturday, November 26, 2005

Bush, Bono, Tim, and Inside Work

Over the past 11 months that I have been blogging, I have often stopped to wonder if this whole blogging thing makes any difference. I still wonder about it. I also wonder about hair loss. And whether I make a difference.

In my mind, perhaps the best thing about this medium is the way in which it can serve to enrich our minds, create of forum of common purposes and friendships, and perhaps, in some small way, further the Kingdom. However, please note that I also think face-to-face time with real people, developing relationships, nuturing understanding, and building community is still by far the best bet for really moving forward for the cause of Christ. Giving ourselves away is where we can find who we really are - I think Jesus may have said something like that.

Given this, I did find a common thread this weekend on the topic of vocation, which I have attempted to comment on before here, although, for the life of me, I cannot find the link. I am technologically impaired. Anyway, I found
this article by Don Williams (thanks Mark Roberts) fascinating, concerning the outlook, vision, and slightly tangential theology of Bono. Bono seems to take his celebrity seriously. Lets hope he avoids this silly political comments that are typical of many celebrities. Second, and much more on a down to earth level, I found this, and this post by my friend Tim a refreshing look at a regular guy attempting to bring Christ graciously into the workplace. Go Tim.

One final place to visit (like you have all day to read Blogs, for Heaven Sake!), my friends at
Inside Work, which is attempting to "reclaiming the spirituality of work". Go guys!
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