Thursday, February 10, 2005

They Called Him Coach

I have received a tribute from an old friend that I am not even close to being vaguely worthy of. My old (well, he is not that old) friend Rob Asghar has penned a kind post about John Wooden, the most famous of all college basketball coaches, and me. Coach Wooden and me...can you imagine? I can't.


As I mentioned to Rob in a recent email, Coach Wooden has, for me, been a hero, a role model, and a literary mentor of sorts. I have read most everything he has written; each full of wisdom, grace and experience from life. While I attended UCLA a few years after Coach retired, I felt the influence he left on the University for many years to come. Rarely has such a quiet, gentle man of profound faith, has such a lasting affect on athletics. Rob Asghar says it much better than I can. However, Mr. Asghar might also want to read this.
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