Monday, September 12, 2005

Is Secular Work of Real Worth, or Not?

There is an editorial piece in this months Christianity Today that pushes some major buttons for me. Entitled "Neighbor Love, Inc.", the article (not available online yet) is about work; the secular kind, that is. The kind that 99% of the working age folks in the world get out of bed and head off to five days a week. And sadly, the kind of work that a large portion of the clergy has not a clue about.

Here is my dilemma; when each Sunday rolls around, I attend church, and my experience with the Church (in the universal evangelical sense) is that I am left consistently with the impression that what I do as a vocation and, what I believe to be a calling, five days out of most every week hardly ever connects with what I am learning, doing, and experiencing on Sunday. Very little connection what so ever, thank you very much. Its as if the working world speaks English and the church-going world speaks, well, some form of language only understood by drunk Portuguese sailors.
I cannot tell you how many times I have sat through an otherwise average or good sermon, and thought to myself, "the person delivering this message has no idea whatsoever what my Monday to Friday world is like". And, might I ask why the only theme I seem to hear about the working world is a variation on the topic of "Sharing Jesus With your Fellow Employees"? Not that I am against that concept, but hearing it over and over again is like driving a car with only one radio station, when you well know that other people can get XM satellite in their cars.

So why is there this massive disconnect between the secular and the sacred? What is going on here? Why do many evangelicals fail to make a real connection between the working world and the cloistered world of church. More thoughts later, but in the mean time, I am open to suggestions (hint: comments?).

The Blogasmatron

My wife says that I spend too much time on the Internet in the evenings. After I have worked at the office all day, helped get dinner on the table, helped kids with homework, performed various chores, walked the dog, given kids trips around town to multiple random locations and sporting events, etc, etc. She says that I need to spend more time "sharing my feelings" about my day, her day, my life, my future, my feelings, her feelings, my heart, my kidneys, and other major organs. I mean, I don't even usually get a chance to even watch Sports Center, for heavens sake!

So, I have decided that I shall make a small purchase, in order to focus more completely upon my Blogging. To wit, I present,
The Oculus, or, as I shall rename my own model, the Blogasmatron. The perfect place to get away in the midst of life and create the thing that really matters more than the people I love; my Blog.

$45,000, its a deal. If I only had some hair like the guy in the photo.
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