Monday, April 25, 2005

WWJD About the Judicial Nominees?

Is this alright to do?.....

Although I am a registered Republican, I am not so sure Jesus is.

So I am driving to work this morning, listening to NPR, and I hear about all the hub-bub going on about he Senate Judicial nominees. I think to myself, "darn Democrats". Really, I did think the word darn....well, this time. Democrats bug me a lot. And they like to take my money from me (ok, so its God's money that I am borrowing for a while, I know).

So, then later today I come across this piece by Michael Spencer about this thing that happened this weekend. Disclaimer, it is going to take a few minutes to read, this but it is so very worth reading. I promise. I must admit, Dr. Dobson has always given me a bit of the willies to listen to. While I appreciate what he has done for the American family, I am not sure I buy all his politics. Particularly because I am not so sure that Jesus' politics and Dr. Dobson's are such a perfect match.

After you have digested Michaels piece, here are my reflections. First, the little I know about Jesus is that he did come to present to us all a completely different paradigm about life here, and the life hereafter. So given this, perhaps Jesus might not be too hot on using the church for political purposes. Now, my friend Rob Asghar would be among the first to remind me that Jesus might have a different paradigm for lots of other things political; how we care for those less fortunate, whether war is really "just" or if that is a convenient form of logic to justify our imperialistic tendencies (spoken by a supporter of the Iraq war), and a host of other issues about our political discourse. We like politics that make our world safe, that keep the bad guys at arms distance. But that darn Jesus, he was a lot more fearless than I am. He was quite a heroic figure, that guy.

There really is a lot more I am not so sure of as I grow older. Maybe Jesus has a "third way", that we might all want to pursue together. What are your thoughts? Does Michael Spencer have a point? Are our paradigms wrong? Lets do some thinking, for the Kingdom.

The Tough Part of Being President

"Am I holding this guys hand?
Aw, anything for more ANWAR quick!"

Who says its not rough being President? From the web:

A major thing you should beware of is knowing if a Saudi Arabian likes you or not. If one does not like you he will not touch you (Gestures, n.d., 58). If a Saudi Arabian ever hugs you, consider yourself honored (Gestures, n.d., 58). This is a good thing and means you are well liked (Gestures, n.d., 58). Hugging and touching in Saudi Arabia is condoned between same sex persons, it is very common to see two males walking together and holding hands, even if it is two government officials or military personnel
(Gestures, n.d., 58).
Thus ends today's culture lesson.

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