Friday, July 08, 2005

Attitude is Important

This is too good to avoid sharing, with images like these. (HT to Hugh Hewitt) Interesting how that website makes me think about this. And to follow it up, I was struck today by the thoughts of Daniel Henninger of the Wall Street Journal, who connects the dots together in an interesting way about the relationship between the London bombings and other foreign policy issues.

Also, if you want to understand a bit more of the pluck of the British, rent this movie. It has long been one of my favorites; perhaps because it illustrates the character of a people and of a family experiencing war in a way that I have never had to face in my 47 years. I have heard much of war from my 86 year old father though. More on that another time. For more direct from the London source, visit here.

And finally, to get a sense of perspective of all this madness, take a long look at this.

Grace and Peace, and prayers for the people of London.
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