Friday, January 21, 2005

Way Too Much God?

No sooner do I think and blog, but I get nicely put in my place. Peggy Noonan, one of my favorite writers of the political scene has this editorial in today's Wall Street Journal. Entitled "Way too Much God", Noonan makes a raft of wise observations, concluding with:

"And yet such promising moments were followed by this, the ending of the speech. "Renewed in our strength -- tested, but not weary -- we are ready for the greatest achievements in the history of freedom."
This is -- how else to put it? -- over the top. It is the kind of sentence that makes you wonder if this White House did not, in the preparation period, have a case of what I have called in the past "mission inebriation." A sense that there are few legitimate boundaries to the desires born in the goodness of their good hearts.
One wonders if they shouldn't ease up, calm down, breathe deep, get more securely grounded. The most moving speeches summon us to the cause of what is actually possible. Perfection in the life of man on earth is not."

It should also be noted that Ms. Noonan is quite sympathetic to us evangelicals, and the faith in general. She is in the midst of a form of sabbatical from the Journal, taking time to write a book about Pope John Paul II - I can't wait for it to be done.

We American's so need to keep our perspective about the messages we send to the world. One fellow who thinks about this is Tim Thompson. This editorial is wonderful help in that area.

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