Saturday, September 17, 2005

Something to Think About Tomorrow

Tomorrow, if you go to church, and the air conditioning is turned up too much, or you have to deal with someone who is a bit cranky - think on this. I suspect your attitude might improve.

Living with Not Knowing

Two weeks of not knowing, of going to bed every night and waking up every morning wondering how much damage your home has sustained. Is it repairable, still under water? Does it smell, is it moldy? When can we go home? Is the furniture all ruined? How much will insurance pay, or will it pay for anything at all? Who else even wants to go back? What is our life going to look like?

And then there is the church. It might have sustained water damage too, we don't know yet. Will some of the key leaders never return to New Orleans, because their jobs with
Shell Oil have been permanently transferred to Houston?

I had my first phone conversation with Pastor Mike yesterday, and he is spending all his energy on pastoring his flock scattered
around the country. Its not easy. Long days, late nights, and still not knowing. Mike and Christina's "shotgun" house is 150 years old, as is their church. Mike is fairly sure that both sustained damage, just how much, he still does not know. The Hoggs moved into their house just this past July. It might take two weeks or more before Mike can return to New Orleans to survey the damage.

In the midst of the chaos and confusion, Mike has a miracle to report. Everyone in his congregation has been found and is safe. Now scattered all over the country, they continue to be in regular communication via phone and email. Mike is concerned that some folks may not ever want to return, either forced into this decision by employment, or traumatized by the whole experience. As one church member told Mike, "Humanly speaking, I don't want to go back.., but we're going to seek the Lord and find out what He wants us to do". May we be praying for all in Mike's flock and others in similar circumstances throughout the Southeast.

Mike needs a truck for use in assisting folks to rebuild. We are on it here.

Pray that we can find him one cool truck!
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