Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I Don't Understand This

First, go here.
Tonight, we received news that our dear friend Julie, according to her doctors, may have about two months to live. Her cancer won't seen to give up. But neither will God, and we will continue to pray.
And then, minutes later I stumbled upon this. Interesting how the dots get connected in strange ways by a mysterious Lord.
Pray with us, for Julie, her husband Tony, and their children Thomas and Emma. Pray for a miracle, that is what they need.

File Under: Stupid Ways to Get Noticed in the Press

#1 on the list of stupid things to do...

It seems that actress Maggie Gyllenhaal has this to say about the September 11 attacks.

As I always look first to under 30 actresses who major (at Columbia) in Eastern Religion and Literature for definitive opinions on world affairs, I was overjoyed to learn that Ms Gyllenhaal feels that the US was responsible in part for 9/11. How illuminating.

I am so glad that Maggie has sent the record straight. She has my vote to be given a distinguished teaching chair at the Richard Gere Institute of Actors Who Are Unqualified to Speak a Word About World Polictics.

Using the qualifications and logic of Ms. Gyllenhaal, I, a commercial real estate consultant, will soon be offering my thoughts on Brain Surgeries that can be performed in the safety of your own home.
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