Sunday, March 27, 2005

Another Voice For Terry

This, by Peggy Noonan, is so worth your reading, I will just shut up.

Favorite part:
"I do not understand why people who want to save the whales (so do I) find campaigns to save humans so much less arresting. I do not understand their lack of passion. But the save-the-whales people are somehow rarely the stop-abortion-please people.

The PETA people, who say they are committed to ending cruelty to animals, seem disinterested in the fact of late-term abortion, which is a cruel procedure performed on a human.

I do not understand why the don't-drill-in-Alaska-and-destroy-its-prime-beauty people do not join forces with the don't-end-a-life-that-holds-within-it-beauty people."

An Easter Surprise

Towering Over Humanity

The Wandering Church Homeless Family traveled here today. The place has very fond memories for me, as it is the church where I first really heard that one can have a personal relationship with Jesus, 25 years ago. After listening to the gospel for about nine months, I quietly gave myself, my life, all I knew of who I was to all I knew of who Christ was. I have never regretted that decision for a moment for the rest of this life.

I experienced something in this Easter service that caught me off guard, took my breath away, and left me pondering the impact of Jesus in history and even today, in our modern world. I need to share it with you.

Before the sermon, the tradition at Bel Air is for a short video to introduce the message. The videos are home-made, but professionally done. The theme was on the difference between the first Easter and Easter today. It was a remarkable contrast. The video consisted of interviews, in period costume, of eye-witnesses of the resurrection - their shock at Christ's death, the period of hiding of those close to him, and the astonishment upon learning that the grave was empty. Their stories were sad, scary, moving, compelling.

AND THEN, interspersed through the interviews of the very first Believers, were quick vignettes of modern day Christians and Easter visitors. However, their comments were so different:

"The pastor says we should invite a friend to church, but if I do that, then they will find out I am a Christian"
"The Easter egg hunt was a disaster last year"
"Parking at church is such a problem on Easter"
"I'm not sure about this whole church, thing, the guy in the robes, all the singing people"
"I am so busy, not sure I can make church this year (talking on a cell phone)"

And then, this is where I lost my breath, and the tears welled up.

ALL of these people, ancient and modern, in current dress and first century grab, we transposed at the foot of the cross, staring up at the crucified Lord. First century and current century, brought together. The looks on the faces of all, of wonder, of confusion, of bewilderment at what was happening. To me, this was a huge shout of what the gospel is all about.

A timeless Christ, towering over history, still, to this day, transforming lives. Amen!
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