Thursday, July 21, 2005

Lets Not Take Ourselves Too Seriously

For me, the photo at the right is hysterical. The dapper dancing fellow is Jack Roberts, four year old son of Supreme Court nominee John Roberts. According to the New York Times, the Robert's married nine years ago, when they were both in their 40s, and tried to have children. After several failed adoption efforts, they now have Josephine (5) and John (Jack) (4). That is a great story in and of itself. Kids help us not to take ourselves so darned seriously, don't they.

Possible captions might include:

President Bush: "Welcome to the White House Conference on the Crisis of ADHD and America's Stylishly Clad Youth"

Jane Roberts: "Jaaaack, please stop that or Josie is going to put her shoe on your bottom, VERY hard!"

Josephine: "Mother, I don't think Jack took his medicine today"

President Bush: "We are gathered here today to pronounce this Wiggly Sear Sucker Kid Suit Month"

Judge Roberts (through clenched teeth): "Ack Jay, opp stay the ancing day, ow nay!"

Judge Roberts (again through clenched teeth): "Heh, heh, Jack, oh Jack......don't make Daddy go get the Restraining Order Paddle"

Jack: "Neener, neener, neener, I'm performing my own personal filibuster right here."

Jack: "Eyow, I am a bad little dancing white boy!"

Your suggestions are welcome...
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