Saturday, September 03, 2005

Help is on the Way & My Closet

The news is getting better in terms of immediate panic and general chaos in New Orleans and other parts of the south. Lets keep praying, and giving.

Right now, there are the sounds of paper bags being filled down the hall, as all of the closets in our house are becoming a bit less stuffed.

We just got a call from our good neighbor up the street, and believe it or not, she has a friend with a big rig truck. This fine man, who I do not know, has decided he is going to fill his truck full of whatever people in our area can bring (food, toys, clothes), and he is heading east tomorrow on I-10 to New Orleans, or Mississippi, or where ever the need is greatest.

My closet suddenly has more room. I have never met this truck-driving man, but I love him, and our family wishes him God Speed. Just imagine if every block in America did this. And, might I add, the
blogosphere is getting it too.

Imagine this also. What if everyblock in America could give consistently like this, each time there was a need. Imagine it. My closet suddenly has more room, now I need to work a bit on making my wallet a bit more empty too!
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