Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Theology News and Notes and Dieter

"Now is de time vhen we reinvent de church!"

One of my favorite Saturday Night Live pieces ever was "Sprockets" with Mike Meyers. The whole Sprockets concept was a fun poke at trendy Europeans and their snooty views of the rest of the world. Some of the best quotes:

"You are beautiful and angular."
"You disturb me to the point of insanity. There. I am insane now."
"Now is the time on Sprockets vhen ve dance."

Dieter and his trendy European friends had a whole new way of looking at the world. It was hysterical, if not somewhat tragic. They say that comedy is just tragedy separated by time. Anyway.

This leads me to a very interesting article I came across recently, in this publication from Fuller Seminary.

Brian McClaren reminds me in some ways of Dieter; except without the snooty part. Oh, and he is not German either. He is known pretty much as "Mr. Emergent" - the coolest guy around in terms of understanding what is going on in the Emergent Church. He has a completely different view of what "doing church" means. Go ahead, read the article, I dare you.

Have we misunderstood the Good News?

Whoa baby! There is a conversation piece for your next Bible study. Brian notes that "we need to rethink our understanding of the gospel". My goodness, what has this young fella been smokin'? Perhaps the gospel is, as McClaren suggests, "a vision of what life can be in all its dimensions". Worth giving some thought to. Also, this fits nicely with what my friend Pastor Tod is talking about today.

Lets redefine what a disciple is!?
Ok, now I am getting bugged at this bearded guy. A disciple is someone who always attends the men's bible study, is a deacon, usher, helps with the kids puppet show at church, and wears appropriately matched trousers and sport coat for the Ladies auxiliary events, right?

Wait. What? No? McClaren says "evangelism becomes not the recruiting of refugees who seek to escape earth for heaven in a flight of spiritual self-interest, but rather the recruiting of revolutionaries who seek to bring the good and healing will of heaven to earth in all its crises." Wow. Revolutionaries!? You mean my pants don't have to match? And its alright if I don't attend the Deacon's lunch, if instead, I might be playing golf with my unsaved neighbor, or maybe even buying him coffee and talking about what life means?

More on all this.....soon.
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