Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I Couldn't Go To the Geek Fest

The picture at left comes from my friend Mark Roberts, who was a speaker at GodBlogCon this past weekend. I am sorry, but one look at this caused me to think - this looks like a convention of white guys who were all in the AV Club in their local high schools in 1975. And excuse me, but where are the women....hello!? Oh wait, I remember. The AV guys did not hang out with the girls! And where are the liberals? Same situation, I guess.

Alas, I could not attend, as Providence would have it, I was
here busy doing this. A better choice for me.

But perhaps it was ok that I was not there, after all. I found
this review very enjoyable, and a quick roundup for those reading this blog with other things to do in life.

Will I attend BlogCon next year? I am not sure. Here is why. I have been reexaming my life of late, as I am faced with the mortality of my own parents. I am trying to make good choices with my time; I want the days to count (not that blogging is a waste of time). As Mark Roberts and I have chatted about before, the whole blogging thing is something that our wives may not be too fond of. I can't win for loosing, as my wife used to be bugged by my extra hour or so of TV (read: Sports Center) viewing in the evenings. Now the PC takes the TV time, its nice an quiet in the house, and I am still not a completely wonderful husband. Sigh! I shall continue to try to strike a balance.

I wonder sometimes if all this typing and thinking is worth it. Will it make a difference for the Kingdom? Will anyone new get in the Pearly Gates as a result of my moving and heartfelt bloggage? In the end, that is really what matters, right - expanding the Kingdom? So, does it really make a difference if the former AV club gets together to feel good together at Biola about their mutual theological agreements. I am not sure.

Maybe it might be good if there was some form of Real World Experience track for GodBlogCon next year. A trip to a soup kitchen perhaps. Or maybe a blogging theme on caring for and discipling someone who is new to the faith? Just wondering. What do you think?

By the way, maybe the movie would work best if you put the film into the projector. Just an idea.
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