Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Carol of the Moon and Stars - An Advent Gift

I am not big on most contemporary Christian music. Perhaps its because I feel following Jesus is much more beautiful, troublesome, ridiculous, and sublime than obvious, and very hard to condense into music.

There is one middle-aged fellow I have liked for about oh, 30-some years. His name is Bob Bennett. I am amazed at the creative process of song writing, and as it turns out, this song is just a new-born baby, being written and recorded during the last month.

For a listen to this new song, a gift for us at Advent, go here. Wait for it to load.

Countless witnesses
In a Christmas sky
See the Architect of Everything
Passing by
From deep Heaven to Earth
By a virgin Birth
Sing a Carol of the Moon and Stars

Which light in the sky
Will stargazers see,
Bright as sun on the Sea
... of Tranquility?
Across black volcanic sand
Shells scattered by His hand
Sing a Carol of the Moon and Stars

Look up!
The scientist and poet open-jawed
Look up!
See the chaos and precision
... Of the Living God
All creation is upheld,
And through time propelled,
Sings a Carol of the Moon and Stars

Each miracle nativity,
Such a common sight
Like the sky drowned out
By man made light
Would that every child born
Be as welcome as a Christmas morn
To sing a Carol of the Moon and Stars

Oh God, it is my blessing
And my constant curse
To live as though I am
My own universe
But if You should be so kind
To illuminate my heart and mind
I'd sing a Carol of the Moon and Stars

A Carol of the Moon and Stars

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