Sunday, September 25, 2005

Avoid This Gentleman

In my mind, this photo has three potential captions.

  1. "Hello, I have parked my space vehicle on your roof. May I borrow your magic moving-picture viewing box to communite with my Star Base? Oh, and please, vote for Hillary for President"
  2. "Yes, hello. I am the candidate for the position of Pastor of Communication. What time is the interview again?"
  3. "Duuude! Like, I'm here to totally take your daughter to the prom. Like my outfit?"

Update - Canal Street Church

This is the inside of the sanctuary of Canal Street Presbyterian Church in New Orleans. My old friend, Pastor Mike Hogg, has an update on the status of the church here. Mike relates the condition of the church buildings with his usual sense of humor, mentioning that a new hole in the roof of the church gym will likely improved the basketball game of a certain church member. In the midst of flood, damage, pain, and suffering, Mike and his flock retain their sense of humor - a sure sign of Kingdom people.

Mike closes his remarks on the condition of the church with this:

"Lots of work, but could have been a lot worse. If there was ever a time to relinquish control of the church, ministry, etc., it's now. God is able..., we will worship again at Canal and Hennessey when the Lord enables us to do so!"

Amen to that. And may those of us who love Pastor Mike, Christina, and indirectly his flock be a part of that day coming soon! I long to hear that once soggy, now repaired organ swell again, joined by the voices of the faithful of this good church. We can help bring about that day....even sooner!

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