Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A Wonderful Resource

Recently, I began a short and disjointed rant about the disconnect between faith and work. No sooner had I done this, than I stumbled upon InsideWork.

InsideWork is remarkable! This is just what I have been alluding to in my complaining - establishing a connection between the world of work and faith. Can you see me jumping up and down here?!

To my few pastor buddies who look at my little blog, please, please, take a long look at
InsideWork, this is the place you need to be spending more time finding out about the world many of your flock exist in - a place they dwell in, know of, and find far more familiar than the church. Interesting articles, great web links, solid content. Keep coming back, the site has been done in the form of Blog, so the content will be changing.

I can personally vouch for the people behind this effort. As fate would have it, the principal mind/visionary of
InsideWork is a long-time business associate and friend of the utmost Christian character. Check this out, you will be so glad you did!
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