Sunday, February 20, 2005

Hope for Healing

Julie and her family

Those faithful who have stopped by this blog in the past, have heard about my friend Julie, who continues to battle cancer. It has been almost a year now since her second cancer event. This time it is very serious, sometimes ugly, and very hard on this dear young family. We spent time with Julie today, praying and singing.

This next week, Julie will be starting radiation for cancer on her spine. She may also be facing the decision to end chemotherapy, as its effects on her physical well being are presently worse than the minor healing effect it appears to be having on her cancer.

Julie would want you to know the following things: God is full of mercy, and He has the power to heal her at any time, in His perfect timing; this cancer is very painful; she is so thankful for those who have prayed for her, supported her family, and loved her during this journey; she is thankful beyond measure for her husband and children; she wants to live, and continue being a wife and mother.

Pray for Julie.

Blog Thee Verily in a Biblical Fashion

A good man from one-half way around the world, living out the gospel in his vocation, offers these great guidelines for blogging from a Christian perspective. Good advice!
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