Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Spirituality for All the Wrong Reasons

Eugene Peterson

As my plane ride to Sacramento for business hit cruising altitude yesterday morning, I was perusing the latest issue of Christianity Today. From long-time Presbyterian pastor and the author of The Message, we are now blessed with this remarkable interview. If you do anything today, read this please!

My thought: all we Believing folk should take Eugene's ideas, and make them grist for discussions about the way we do church. This interview with Dr. Peterson serves to clear away the cultural fog we face in building the church. As I finished the article, I set down my glasses, and thought to myself, "Wow, now this is clear thinking about life in Christ." And then, out of the window of the plane, laid out before me, were the snow capped Sierras. Wow - look what God has done....and continues to do. Creating!

A Beloved Drunk Uncle

After feeling varying degrees of sadness and angst over being "church homeless", this article renews my faith in what God continues to do each day.

Oh that Believing people might love their communities, their unchurched friends, and even their dysfunctional church like that "beloved drunk uncle"!
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