Monday, October 31, 2005

Living, Dying, Healing, and Sharing

Several days ago, I shared with you about Dr. David Scholer. If you want to hear a heartfelt message about living with cancer, go here. I have never heard anything like this, particularly the comments about Romans 8.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to hear an interesting and haunting message on these verses from Dr. Frederick Dale Bruner, my Sunday school teacher (yes, I know, Sunday school, how quaint) and friend.

For me, the end of Acts 3 and beginning of Acts 4 brings forth some of the most important facets of the Christian faith; most particularly the mystery of healing (which I personally struggle with, to this day) and the illustration of the upside down ethics of Kingdom living - giving away what one has for the common good of the greater Body of Christ. As I listened, I wondered; do we really understand the majesty and transformation that is contained within these few lines. They are, to me, verses that give us a glimpse into Heaven. I might even have more to say on this soon....

Oh, that we might have lives that reflect the both the mystery and the upside down ethics of the Kingdom.

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