Monday, February 14, 2005

Gosh Its Hot....or Maybe Not!

As a kid I loved Bugs Bunny, and I still do. There was one Bugs episode in which the Abominable Snow Man got somehow displaced in Palms Springs, or somewhere similar. His line to Bugs, after he had been sitting poolside in a towel and flip flops for a while, dripping huge quantities of water was, "Gosh its hot here......."

So, is it really hot, or not? This article from the Wall Street Journal discusses some interesting facts about a controversy over the issue of global warming. See also, this web site for more details on whether its really hot or not.

While I feel that environmental stewardship is very important for us to consider and perhaps embrace as Believers, I am also very hesitant to believe everything I am told by UN climate study experts. Read the Journal article for more on this. I have to go now, and denude some forests, create a toxic spill plume in my backyard, and squash small helpless endangered bugs with my hiking shoes.

To TNIV or Not TNIV, That is the Question


Alright, I confess right here my predominant ignorance of which is the most correct Bible version. However, Mark Roberts has started an interesting series of posts on the new TNIV (which does not stand for Truly Neat Incredible Version, nor Those Naughty Inspired Visions) Bible, which has recently been released. Seems there is some disagreement brewing in Happy Evangelical Land over this one. I trust Mark will deliver us a helpful and thorough overview of the matter, which really will be helpful to understand the issues involved. Mark is a good man.

As for me, after discerning this matter, I will know exactly, precisely, and without question what is the perfect will of God regarding the correct Bible version to carry in my oversized, leather clad, bumper sticker-covered Bible book cover (which can also be used to thonk theologically incorrect clods over the head!). Thank goodness for self righteousness. Amen.
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