Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Tomorrow morning our family leaves for 10 days in Hawaii. We are all very excited for the opportunity to play, rest, explore, eat (!), create family memories, and enjoy God's creation.

I will not be blogging for at least the next six days, as the first place we are staying only has dial-up access, and I need to get a non-blogging life! I think this is Devine Providence. I have my swim trunks and underwater digital camera housing. What else do I need? Oh yeah, toothpaste.

I might touch in here next weekend, but then again, you may never hear from us again - From "Take Another Road" - by Jimmy Buffet:

Take another road to a hiding place

Disappear without a trace

Take another road in another time

On another road in another time

Like a novel from the five and dime

Take another road in another time

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