Monday, April 04, 2005

What a Confusing Bunch We Are

Gosh darn Christians!

In the span of 24 hours, this and this appear on separate blogs, both by men who love Jesus. I swear, we Christian folk must drive those looking in on us completely nutty.

I have to admit that I agree more with Michael Spencer than I do with Al Mohler, and I find it highly ironic that Michael Spencer is a graduate of the school that Al Mohler is now dean of. Can you imagine?

While I agree with some of what Al Mohler says, I can hardly imagine using it to THONK some of my dear Catholic friends over the head with; such as "High there Sue, sorry to hear about John Paul, but did you know that his ideas about Mary as "Co-Redemptrix" are just WRONG?! Oh, and have a nice day!" And here is a shocker, my Catholic friends, they actually really do love Jesus!

This type of theological one-upsmanship makes me cringe. I am sorry, Dr. Mohler, but I want to actually get along with my Catholic friends at the city little league field. I wonder if Al has kids that still play little league, or for that matter, if he ever ventures outside of his theological world?

Surely there is a better middle ground to find.

Alergic, Distracted, Annoying and Grace-Filled Church

Although the church may make us nuts sometimes, it is worth it. Please, go read this.
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