Thursday, October 06, 2005

The New Evangelist I was dropping my daughter off at her public high school - I was struck by the number of kids heading into school with Ipods on. Onward they shuffled, oblivious to traffic, noise, other people, cocooned in an audio world. A world of their own design, with each morning's audio accompaniment sculpted individually by each student. And this world is millions of light years away from the world we adults live in. And for some odd reason, it struck me, watching these kids, that they are likely not listening to Mozart, or the Sound of Music sound track?

How do I know of this separation of worlds? My 14 year old daughter has introduced me to
this channel, on XM satellite radio, which I have in my car. And, on the way to work, after dropping off the kids, I got to hear....this fellow (warning! - scary and completely unedifiing lyrics ahead).

This IPOD, my friends, is the New Evangelist, as I will call it. We need to talk about this a bit. And interestingly my friend
KC Wahe had some very similar thoughts at the same, about the digital age, and its effect on our kids.

I plan on spending more time on the "20 on 20" channel in the days to come. I want to learn more about this world - the world of today's kids. Maybe that is why I love the work of
Young Life, and I pray for the work of good youth pastor's like KC.
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