Monday, September 26, 2005

Proof that God Exists

My accountant called me today to report this:

A spokesman for the California Highway Patrol said the agency was continuing to investigate a truck accident on the San Mateo Bridge that ejected some 30,000 tax payments into the San Francisco Bay.

The truck - driven by an employee of a delivery company under contract with the IRS - was traveling eastbound on the bridge, going from the San Francisco post office to a Hayward IRS check-processing center, on Sept. 11 when the truck inexplicably crashed. The truck carried 45,000 tax payments at the time of the accident. CHP spokesman Christian Oliver said his agency, together with the IRS and state transportation officials, responded to the solo-vehicle accident. No other vehicles were involved, and the driver of the truck suffered only minor injuries, Oliver said.
IRS spokesman Jesse Weller said Saturday that the 30,000 documents - 1040-ES forms for filing quarterly taxes, plus the payments themselves - were deemed "not recoverable."

And people say there is no God................

Is It Reality, or Is It Make Believe

We live on a street where reality and fantasy blur. You see, our street has been used for years for filming all sorts of things, from commercials, to TV drama series, to sitcoms, to movies (all three Back to the Futures). So we live on this street that is very much like "Anywhere, USA". Tonight, the crews were out filming again.

The world these film crews create is make believe. This is the world as we would like it to be, not the world that we have to live in.

The challenge for us who believe - is to form lives that reflect a reality we know to be the Ultimate Truth, and yet to love those around us in a way that is real, genuine, down-to-earth, and exhibits the character of the One who changed the world forever. God help us to do this. Daily.
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