Saturday, April 16, 2005

No Holds Barred - Remembering

I wonder if my dog can remember?....

We have a chocolate Labrador retriever. Her name is Cindy. My younger daughter named her after Cinderella from Disney fame, when she was 4 years old. I wonder how it is that dogs actually remember things. Can she remember the first walk we took her on, when she was scared to go around the block when she was a puppy and we had to nearly drag her on her little leash. Can she remember when I may have been unkind to her, because she was eating out of the dishwasher again? Can she remember her mother, her siblings at the great house in Rolling Hills?

Remembering. It frames our lives, doesn't it? In his book "No Holds Barred", Mark Roberts talks about the Psalms as a source of remembering. Our world today leaves us disconnected. Adrift. Set alone to figure things out. Families are separated by thousands of miles, and even farther emotional distances. Everything around us clamors about the instant. The now.

We have forgotten where we come from, and are not sure at all of where we are going. In the midst of this, however, we can “remember together” God’s faithfulness in history, and in our own lives.

As a final thought, Tim Thompson has printed the words to a wonderful and touching Sara Groves song, "Remember Surrender" here. Take a look and think about Remembering......what God has done for you.

Homeless for the King

Homeless on Purpose

Can you imagine doing this. I love the concept, and I might even buy the book. Let me know your thoughts.
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