Sunday, April 24, 2005

More on Benedict XVI

Not really a nut case....

Cruising around the web tonight got my attention in regards to several issues regarding the new Pope, and how that fits in with what we protestants believe about the centrality of Christ. First, to see the actual words of the Pope in his homily during the Inauguration today, go here. I must excerpt my favorite part here:

All of us belong to the communion of Saints, we who have been baptized in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, we who draw life from the gift of Christ’s Body and Blood, through which he transforms us and makes us like himself. Yes, the Church is alive – this is the wonderful experience of these days. During those sad days of the Pope’s illness and death, it became wonderfully evident to us that the Church is alive. And the Church is young. She holds within herself the future of the world and therefore shows each of us the way towards the future. The Church is alive and we are seeing it: we are experiencing the joy that the Risen Lord promised his followers. The Church is alive – she is alive because Christ is alive, because he is truly risen. In the suffering that we saw on the Holy Father’s face in those days of Easter, we contemplated the mystery of Christ’s Passion and we touched his wounds. But throughout these days we have also been able, in a profound sense, to touch the Risen One. We have been able to experience the joy that he promised, after a brief period of darkness, as the fruit of his resurrection.

So, after reading this, do you suppose the Cardinals have either elected a liberal nut-case, or worse, a conservative weirdo? I think not. But to read the thoughts of some creative-thinking journalists, perhaps the Cardinals are loony. Go check out what Mark Roberts is saying about this, and decide for yourself. I for one, am very tired of relativist pluralism. Please!

I spend some time this morning with Mark at his church, and I can tell you, it is a wonderful place of welcome and grace. Go visit.

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