Sunday, October 23, 2005

What If Its Not Like I Think Its Supposed To Be?

After the post Friday on Things Emergent for John, I have been doing just a small bit of fishing around on this topic, and I have a (middle aged white guy in the suburbs) confession to make.

I confess that I have been secretly harboring conspiratorial Republican patronizing thoughts about The Emergents (nice name for a rock band) over the past little while. I admit that I have been thinking that once these young people get out of the tattooing and coffee-house-hanging phase of their lives, they will see their way straight to getting a mortgage, 2.75 kids, a sensible family van, and then proceed to becoming more mundane and rational. Like I am, darn it.

Guess what? That is not going to happen. I am learning this through my reading of Velvet Elvis that, if The Emergents are anything like Rob Bell, they are reformed in theology, orthodox in faith, and merely want to bring a relevant form of Jesus to a new generation that craves authenticity. So there. Take that stodgy white guy.

Now, two more things, then its off to bed for me. First - go read this, about "doing church for them". It is wonderful. it should be required reading for every stodgy Presbyterian on the planet.

Second, give yourself just a couple of minutes to view this. It is all that really matters. Peace.

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