Friday, March 18, 2005

Joel Osteen No Thank You Very Much

I have been thinking about a review of Joel Osteen's book for a while, because the premise really gives me the shivers. I also could not bring myself to buy it, the premise makes me so nutty. Just go read the Amazon Reviews, if you think I am kidding. Read past the first page...its entertaining.

The title, "Your Best Life Now". Lets just take a second and examine these words:

Your - Hmmm....another version of that word might be MINE! The thing a spoiled 3-year old chants in the back seat of the Volvo on the way to Chucky Cheese.
Best - Not average, not mundane, not ordinary as life sometimes just is, but best, always perfect and shiny and happy and no problems. Ever.
Life - ok, this word is ok. Jesus talked a lot about life, but not Joel Osteen's wacky version of it.
Now - oh, great. Another classically American word. Now. Not later. Not someday. Not in the proper season of life. Now, dammit, I am an American, and I want it now!! And get me some fries with that, quick!

Alright, I have said my piece. But what do I know? So go read this, and get a much clearer view of it all.

This is a Sad, Sad Day

Some of you will remember my previous post about Terry Schiavo. Today, America and the world is faced with this.

I am sorry, but this is insane. While I am sure this is heart wrenching for all involved, starving this woman to death is simply unjust. I have to admit that I am feeling pretty pissed about the state of affairs in this country when there seems to be repeated attempts to play God by mere mortals.

Want to learn more; go here. And also, beseech the Lord.

If the Suit Fits, Wear It ...

My buddy Pastor Tod

I don't wear suits much. When I do they tend to feel restrictive. Not into tight collars.

Here is a wonderful piece by my friend Pastor Tod, about a wearing a suit that you might really grow into!
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