Monday, May 16, 2005

My Brain Hurts!

Are you the "brain specialist"...?

Sorry! No posts for a couple of days. As a partial explanation, I offer this old bit from Monty Python:

T. F. Gumby: My brain hurts!
Specialist: Well let's take a look at it, Mr Gumby.
(Gumby specialist starts to pull up Gumby's sweater. )

T. F. Gumby: No, no, no, my brain in my head. (specialist thumps him on the head)
Specialist: It will have to come out.
T. F. Gumby: Out? Of my head?
Specialist: Yes! All the bits of it. Nurse! Nurse! (a nurse enters)
NURSE! NURSE! Nurse, take Mr Gumby to a brain surgeon.

Well, there you have it. My brain hurts. Yesterday I was witness to a portion of the most unpleasant, mean-spirited, ugly, anger-laced congregational meeting I have ever seen. This was, for me, until I left early, one of the low points of Christendom. Heaven forbid someone coming in from the outside of the Church World should have seen this event. It was almost like one of those fist fights that occasionally break out in the Legislature of Some Little Baltic/South East Asian/Other Rather Anonymous Country. Just short of people climbing over chairs to wallop one another.

How lovely. How Christ like. What happened to this and this?

My brain hurts. I could barf.
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