Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Faith, Work and Church - The Big Honking Disconnect

My experience of 26 years in Christendom and the protestant church leaves me with the distinct impression that those of us who dwell Monday to Friday in the working world are not understood by many pastors. But this does not mean that others have not considered these issues - I direct you here and here, for starters.

From the Christianity Today article, lets touch on a couple of things. First, pastors and church leaders need to "help business people develop a fundamental understanding of what it means for Christians to engage in business." Wonderful! Some other points, which bear future discussion.

  1. I am not supposed to be primary an evangelist at work. Yee-gads, is this true?!!
  2. My secular vocation is as noble as those who work in the church.
  3. Work is part of the good creation, and deserves the attention of pastors as they contemplate spiritual direction and guidance of their flocks. I would love to know where in the world this is actually happening.
  4. If churches are to take the task of connecting the secular and sacred, what should it look like? So, how do we see this actually happening?

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