Wednesday, April 27, 2005

A "Standing O" for Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!

We applaud for why not God?

As you may have noted, before all this Pope business began, I was wandering randomly through this book, which is the latest offering from my buddy, Mark Roberts. Wonderful book on the Psalms. Buy it, use it for your small group.

Mark makes a very interesting point about praising God, versus praising the other things in our culture that we love to praise. What are these things, that garner our praise....and our "Standing Os"?


The President
The Dodgers
Da Bears
The Olympics
A Rod
J Lo

Need I continue? If we so easily will stand and roar and make fools our ourselves for these things, what not for the Creator of the Universe. Hmmm.....think about it. I am.
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