Saturday, December 03, 2005

I Said A Cuss Word! all Emergent Church People look and act the same? So, is Emergent, in its own way, just as conformist as the rest of us? Go here to find out the answer, and get a laugh in the process. Thanks to KC.

Secondly, I used a form of Christian swear word yesterday. I said the "R word" - for Relevant. I knew it before, but have been reminded by good people that this word is a major pejorative for some.

As in: rel·e·vant adj. - Having a bearing on or connection with the matter at hand. [Medieval Latin relevāns, relevant-, from Latin, present participle of relevāre, to relieve, raise up]

Ok. Please do not misunderstand me. When I say relevant henceforth, what I mean is communicating a faith that is real, tangible, transforming, honest, compelling, and captivating. In the words of my friend Tod,

"I believe that the goal of every church must be to so grow in Christ, so mature in faithfulness, so increase in love and wisdom and justice and peace that if any person was to ask you what you think heaven will be like you could someday actually say, "Do you want to know what heaven is like? Come and see. Come to my church and hang out with my friends and see the way we live, worship and serve together. Come and see."

Come and see. Hmmm. That sounds so familiar. Where have I heard that before? Darn. Oh wait, I remember!
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